Cefinn Sirens - Rosie Green and Stacey Duguid

Cefinn Siren
We are delighted to introduce our latest Sirens - journalists and long time friends Rosie Green and Stacey Duguid.

Friends since meeting at Elle magazine in 2004 and brought together again while navigating the hardship and disruption of divorce, we spent a fantastic day with the fun and uplifting pair at Stacey's beautiful home where we talked the power of female friendship, Galentine's Day, bad date stories and so much more.

Where did you both meet?

Stacey: I met Rosie in 2004 when I joined ELLE magazine as Executive Fashion Editor. Rosie – mature, married, with child - she always wore mid-blue flared 70s jeans and boho shirts – a real Chloe girl look. I remember thinking ‘now there’s a real grown-up woman’, not realising we are in fact the same age. LOL.

How would you describe your friendship?

Stacey: Inspiring, understanding, goofy.

Rosie: It was born out of a shared experience. Heartbreak. The ending of our marriages was very different, but the feelings of loss, uncertainty and overwhelm were the same.


How important is female friendship to you and how has this changed over time?

Rosie: Female friendship is EVERYTHING to me. I struggled with the usual bitchiness at school and I swore my adult friendships would not be like that. And they haven’t been.

Stacey: I wouldn’t have made it through these past few years without my girlfriends. One thing that has changed, is the amount I am now able to give back to a friendship. I think I may have taken a lot of things for granted, but then suddenly I found myself leaning very heavily on friends. When the clouds passed and I made it through the storm, I realised I hadn’t really considered what I was bringing to the table. I now realise friendships are one of the most important relationships in our lives and need as much nurture as a romantic relationship.

What is your favourite way to spend time with your girlfriends?

Rosie: I love lying by the pool, drinking rosé and laughing so hard it makes me fear for my pelvic floor.

Stacey: I do different things with different friends, something I realise is very important. With one I drink tea and talk books, writing, art, with another I walk the dog, with another we sit and drink wine and gossip, with another we’ll get crazy on the dancefloor. I’m a huge fan of complex and sometimes difficult women, which is probably because I am one.

What key attributes do you look for in female friendships?

Rosie: Empathy, loyalty, kindness with a side order of naughtiness.

Stacey: No judgement. There is nothing worse than judgement. We all make mistakes, we’re human, we’re fallible so who are we to critique? I also look for humour. I have to be able to laugh and laugh with someone. If there’s no humour, it won’t work. I’m also partial to a dollop of naughtiness, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

What are your worst and best dating stories?

Rosie: I didn’t go on a date till I was 45 so I was a total novice. Honestly I only had one sub par date, because I’m always interested in people’s lives even if I don’t fancy them. There was the guy that wore sunglasses throughout the date though....and we were inside.

Stacey: We met on toyboywarehouse.com – oh yes, ladies, there is such a thing. We chatted for a month over whatsapp and facetime. He took the Eurostar from Paris to meet for a drink and left my house three days later. What can I say, it was electric. HA HA!

Will you be celectbrating Galentines/ Valentines this year?

Rosie: I will be celebrating both! I used to think the former was a bit cheesy - but now I reckon if there is a day to rejoice in how life enhancing your girlfriends are then sign me up.

Stacey: I’ll be in LA with two best girlfriends. We plan to do everything we can in one week, from venturing into the wilds of Joshua Tree, gong baths in the forest to a night of dancing in the city. I cannot wait.

How would you describe your style?

Rosie: I’m pretty classic. I like clean lines and block colours and a hit of French insouciance.

Stacey: I tend to wear suits , blouses and city shorts. I love chunky boots and wear a lot of black with some pops gold jewellery. I love vintage capes, smiley faces on tshirts, bags and love heart sunglasses. It’s all about balance and balance takes practice.

Tell us some exciting things you both have coming up in the next year both personally and professionally?

Rosie: Professionally I’ve got the paperback of How To Heal A Broken Heart coming out in February, I’m doing podcast called Heartbreak To Happy where high profile women talk about their splits and how they navigated them. And personally I want to get my son through his exams and go on some holidays!

Stacey: I’m launching a website for women that deals with “what to wear everywhere”. From the lawyer’s office to the school gate, a wedding, or just at the weekend. I’ve always used fashion as a way of telling stories, as for me fashion is armour and what I wear can radically change my mood. The website will launch at some point in feb.

Quick Fire Questions

Dating apps?

Rosie: Yes!
Stacey: Yes, no, yes, no, delete, yes, no, yes, no, delete, repeat

Does age matter?

Rosie: No
Stacey: I’m SO much more confident now! I tend to date younger men, if that’s what you really mean… haha

Heels on a first date?

Rosie: No. I'm 5ft 10!
Stacey: Always. But not spindly and daft. No one wants to date Bambi on ice.

Sober date?

Rosie: No
Stacey: Assume this question is a joke? Unless you are legitimately sober, in which case, of course, but for me – NEVER.

Kiss on a first date?

Rosie: Yes!
Stacey: Sometimes, if you really fancy them. I reckon it’s good to get kissing out of the way. Afterall, everything starts with a kiss and if they kiss like a wet puddle in January, forget it…. no second date

Is Valentine's Day overrated?

Rosie: No
Stacey: Yes, it should be banned. I’m thinking to petition parliament.

Can you just be friends with benefits?

Rosie: No
Stacey: NOPE. This never ever works. I’ve tried it. Someone always gets hurt.

Can you be friends with an ex?

Rosie: No
Stacey: Ask me in a year

Male best friends?

Rosie: No
Stacey: I’m hopeless at it, unless they are gay, in which case I have loads! But straight male friends, well, I always end up snogging them. Whoops.

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