Cefinn Sirens - Lucy MacKenzie

Cefinn Siren
We are excited to introduce our first Siren of 2022 - Lucy MacKenzie, founder of Lucy's Dressings. Founded on her kitchen table, Lucy's Dressings uses simple, fresh and local ingredients to transform your cooking and has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Sheerluxe and many more.

Lucy invited us into her beautiful home and we sat down together to chat new year's resolutions, career highlights and what's next in 2022.

Happy new year Lucy! Have you got any new year’s resolutions?

Oh I hate new year’s resolutions because I always break them! But this year I’m going to try and be really mindful about buying stuff, for example I’m going to work on repairing, cleaning and fixing things that I love rather than buying replacements.

Firstly, please tell us about why you started Lucy’s Dressings and what your aim for the brand was?

Ever since my childhood I’ve always had a real passion for cooking and playing around with different flavour combinations. Before starting the business, I looked at what was available to buy in the shops and felt that all the dressings and sauces were over sweetened, thick, gloopy and nothing like when home-made. I couldn’t understand why that was the case and so I saw an opportunity to bring to market home-style dressings and condiments.

What has been a career highlight for you so far?

There have been lots of exciting highlights but when we first launched in Selfridges, that was unbelievably exciting! I just couldn’t believe it was happening. It felt the same when I got the news that we were going to be launching in Waitrose nationally. Shopping in Waitrose is always a treat, so to get our products on their shelves was a thrill.


Anything exciting in the pipeline for Lucy’s Dressings in 2022?

We have a number of really exciting projects lined up including one with my favourite bakery, Gail’s. We also have a wonderful new Miso & Garlic dressing launching in early spring that’s vegan…and delicious!

What’s your favourite dressing and why?

My favourite dressing is our Lemon & Caper. I love to serve this on a bed of rocket with asparagus, soft boiled eggs, and some crispy pancetta. The textures and flavours make it the perfect starter or lunch.

Any cupboard or fridge essentials you always have?

I always have ginger, garlic, chillies and fresh herbs. I find that with these ingredients I can knock-up a tasty Asian inspired dish or simply add to any salad, curry or risotto. I also love radishes to snack on, and can’t live without eggs.

Favourite thing about your job?

The fact that I work in food! Working in food means you will never get bored. There are so many avenues and influences to explore when it comes to flavour and I also love working with other people that share the same passion for creating dishes.

Thank you so much for creating the fabulous recipes to help us kick-start the NY! What would your main tip be for trying to be a bit healthier?

My main tip would be to eat whole foods wherever possible. Also, the more organised you can be about what you’re going to eat in the week ahead, the more likely it is that you’ll stay on track. It’s when we get hungry and don’t know what to eat that those unhealthy habits kick in.

What is a style rule you live by?

I’ve discovered as I’ve got older that it’s better to buy a few key pieces every season which are really well cut and made from great quality fabrics. I like to shop pre-loved wherever possible, not to follow trends and often look for interesting pieces in local charity shops, which is so satisfying.

What is your day-to-day style and how would you elevate it for the evening?

I try to keep things simple and classic. It might sound a little boring but I feel at home in a great pair of blue jeans with a lovely polo neck jumper and well-cut blazer. In the evening I like to take off the polo neck, add some statement earrings and sparkly shoes.

When did you first hear about Cefinn?

I first read about Cefinn in 2018 in the paper and shortly afterwards I received a Lookbook through the post which I kept in my desk.

What do you love about Cefinn?

The quality of the pieces is second to none. Unlike many other brands the clothes are both glamorous and comfortable. When I’m wearing Cefinn I feel like a pulled-together grown-up.