Celebrating Mother's Day with the Eyres Sisters

We celebrated Mother’s Day with good friend of the brand & SheerLuxe Junior Shopping Editor, Florence Eyres and her fabulous sisters, Clem & Milly and lovely mum, Rebecca.

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity and excuse to reflect, celebrate and thank all motherly figures in your life for another year of wisdom, friendship, guidance and love. We headed down to the Eyres family’s hometown in Somerset at Number One Bruton, for a special day of pampering, playing dress up for the day and taking a trip down memory lane. From versatile and classic Cefinn staples to some of our more statement spring prints, we practised the art of ageless style - proving Cefinn is the perfect brand for all generations and stages of life.

What have your daughters taught you, and what do you hope to have taught them?

My daughters have taught me the true value of unconditional love. I hope to have taught them to be kind to themselves and kind to others and to appreciate the beautiful things in life.

All your daughters have turned out to be so ambitious and entrepreneurial, is this something you hope you have taught them?

As a full time working mother I think that I gave my four children (I have a wonderful son, too) a strong work ethic, self-belief and a secure home base. Motherhood is about providing roots & wings. We are a hard-working family but we recognise the importance of a good work life balance. We are fortunate to be very close; enjoying each other’s company, good food and being outside.

Any advice to working mothers?

Working whilst bringing up children is a huge challenge. I cannot under estimate how hard this is but my mantra is “family first.” Make time. Time to talk, share your days, share books and as they grow, experiences and interests. This precious time cements powerful relationships for future years.

What does ageless style mean to you?

I think that ageless style is tailored pieces, with attention to design detail that won’t date. These pieces will be flattering, offering comfort and confidence over many seasons.

What is your favourite Cefinn item from the shoot?

My favourite item from the shoot is the Lainey cashmere jumper, it is super soft, a great shape and I love the detail of the buttons down the back.

Florence, tell us the best style advice your mum has ever given you?

My mum has never been one for ‘fashion rules’, which I love. Growing up I always felt free to find my own style. I’m grateful for this because as a result I don’t feel the need to follow trends or copy the crowd. Through her I’ve learnt to be true to myself, as that is when I will feel most comfortable. This advice is something I always have in mind.

And what about the best career advice?

To be confident. I lack confidence, so I feel very lucky to have a really supportive mother who encourages me to believe in myself. I would also say that she has always been the most hardworking yet kind and thoughtful person in my life, and when it comes to my career, I see her as such a role model. I’ve always aspired to have these traits like her.

How would you describe both your styles?

I would stay our style is quite understated, we both like neutral colours and have considered wardrobes with good quality pieces. We don’t shop very regularly, preferring to invest in classic clothing we will own forever. We also both love a stripe, as do my sisters; I would say it’s a bit of a family signature.

What is your definition of ageless style and how does Cefinn embody this?

To me, ageless style means timeless fashion that suits several generations. I’ve personally worn Cefinn for years and naturally reach for the knitwear and tailoring pieces as I know they suit my personal style. It was lovely to see how both my mum and sisters also happily put together Cefinn pieces to build outfits true to their styles too. I am so impressed with how Cefinn works for us all, no matter our age.

Milly, tell us one thing you admire about your mum?

There are so many things I admire about my mum so this is a tricky question! One standout thing though is that my mum is incredibly thoughtful. I really love and admire that about her. Throughout life and with my business Paloma’s Products, I lead by her example with a constant consideration to others, such as the recent charity collection I did for The Blue Cross.

How will you be celebrating Mother's Day this year?

My mum loves flowers and is a trained florist, so the bar is always very high for Mother’s Day flowers! Fortunately, my lovely sister-in-law runs the florist Pamplemousse Dorset they never cease to disappoint! We are always so excited to give her a bunch knowing how much she appreciates flowers! We will have a long dog walk around our favourite spot; Fonthill Lake… there are few prettier places when the sun is shining there! My brother is an amazing chef so he will cook us up a yummy roast, my mum’s favourite!

What does ageless style mean to you?

To me ageless style is a balance between finding the shapes and colours which suit you and letting them transcend trends. I also think good tailoring is the key to pieces which won’t date and will journey with you as you age.

How did you hear about Cefinn?

I love suits and I have always admired the way Cefinn approaches tailoring. Recently though my mother-in-law wore Cefinn to my wedding, we went through many brands and options for her and the Cefinn dress she ultimately wore looked so beautiful on her. I know she was really impressed with the fit and has a dress now with lots of happy memories and one she will wear again and again!

Clementine, what's one thing you have learnt from your mum?

Mum is so thoughtful, I have the most precious childhood memories of the simplest things being made so special by her extra thoughtful touches, such as adding little cards to our packed lunches and making me feel so loved when I opened up my lunch at school and finding the messages.

What's a recent favourite memory with your mum?

Ooh this is a hard one, there are a few but probably planning and bringing to life all of my wedding flowers together. Both mum and I love flowers and gardening and we spent a couple of weekends before the wedding going to garden centres and choosing live plants that we filled the marque with and have now planted in my garden. It was so special to bring my vision to life together and I couldn't have done it without mum!

What is your favourite piece from the Cefinn shoot?

If I had to pick it would be the Luella Maxi Dress, I felt so confident in it, the neckline and shape of the dress is incredibly flattering! My approach to fashion has always been to invest in classic pieces that are versatile. I would style the Luella Maxi Dress down with trainers or dress it up with a headband and heels for an occasion wear outfit.

When launching Clementine & Mint, how has your mum supported and influenced you?

I definitely inherited her love for high quality beautiful fabrics which is very much at the heart of Clementine & Mint. Mum has always been the helping hand on every one of my photo shoots to date, nothing is ever too much to ask, and she will always be there quietly making sure we are all fuelled and happy.



All photography is by the amazing Chloë Winstanley, with also a huge thanks to the beautiful Number One Bruton for allowing us to shoot at their stunning hotel in Somerset, it was truly the perfect location with the most dreamy interiors in every room.