Cefinn Sirens - Olivia Wayne

We had a great day out with Olivia Wayne, styling her edit of our latest collection and sitting down to discuss fashion, down time tips plus her career from British Fashion Council to Sky Sports to SheerLuxe and all the highlights in-between.

Tell us about what sparked your presenting and broadcasting career?
My presenting career began in around 2010 when, by chance, I managed to secure presenting for the in-house British Fashion Council video content creation team. I would run around across all the Fashion Weeks interviewing the designers, models, stylists, and celebrities at the shows to be used by the British Fashion Council, Net-a-Porter and Elle.com. It was the most amazing baptism of fire in the industry and where I learnt to produce as well. I did that for several seasons and then started at Sky Sports where I qualified as a journalist and presented Good Morning Sports Fans on Sky Sports News for 8 years.
What has been a career highlight for you so far and what are your goals for the future?
A career highlight has been going on Mastermind and answering questions on Roald Dahl’s children's books! It has also been interviewing some of the world’s elite athletes and entertainers, having a first-class seat in learning about their processes in achieving success and victory. I took a break from television to start my family but now my youngest is almost 2 I feel excited to get back to entertaining and meeting the world’s most interesting people.
Best advice you’ve ever received both personally and professionally?
It's not life and death, or brain surgery – it’s just TV! In TV and in life, being authentic, genuine and yourself is the best approach and mistakes make us human and likeable.
What is your favourite thing about your job?
My favourite thing about my job is working within a team collectively and hopefully creating something meaningful, entertaining, and informative for the viewer. Plus, I love meeting people and nosing around their lives!
Anything exciting coming up in the new year we can keep our eyes peeled for?
Some exciting projects in the pipeline, both in the fashion world and podcasting sphere so lots to look out for!
How do you relax?
I relax by working out, which I know sounds counter intuitive, but I find half an hour to myself doing weights is the best way for me to clear my mind, meditate through movement and burn off any stress, anxiety or worry. I also find when I’ve had a broken night’s sleep it reenergises me. Otherwise, I also love a glass of wine or G&T and a series on Netflix.
Have you always had an interest in fashion? How would you describe your style?
I have always adored fashion, since I was very young. I started a master’s degree at London College of Fashion, but when I got my job at Sky I had to stop the course. I have always found clothes the first line of my defence in arming myself with confidence. If you feel good in what you are wearing, I believe you naturally act more confident, outgoing, and secure. I would describe my style as classic, modern with a sprinkling of trend.
What is a style rule you live by?
Dress for how you feel and not just for the occasion, in a level up way, not going out in your pyjamas kind of way! I have been known to dress far too OTT for some occasions but sometimes I fancy going all out or getting overly spruced and if I like it and feel good in it, I don’t care what anyone else thinks.
We know you love second-hand shopping, what has been your best find?
So far, I have really done well with second-hand shoes when shopping in designer resell stores. I was so thrilled with my silver Balenciaga knife point mules which I saw in a shop window 3 years ago when popping to the butcher’s next door. I didn’t have my wallet on me so had to leave my husband’s card number as a security and then call the shop to settle when I got home!
Second hand buying tips or tricks?
Be open minded and view it as a fun activity rather than desperately seeking a particular item. Make sure the condition is amazing and if shopping in person rather than online, get to know the shop staff as they will know when all the juicy megabits come in!
What are you looking forward to wearing for festive events this year?
I am so excited to wear the Tiana leather skirt this festive season. It will work with SO many items in my wardrobe - the skirt is such a showstopper that with a simple tank top, chunky gold jewellery and a red lip I will be all set. Equally the Winona black velvet waistcoat and the lurex, sparkly Jonah collared top are such brilliant pieces for an underrated nod to festive dressing.
When did you first hear about Cefinn?
I first heard about Cefinn when I interviewed Isabel Spearman on the SheerLuxe Show when I was hosting it about 3 years ago! I was bowled over from then and each season and year the collections get more incredible.
What do you love about Cefinn?
I love the quality, cut and material of Cefinn pieces. Every item feels so beautifully made, crafted and considered to perfection. The dresses are the perfect mix of fashionable, elegant and wearable - from day to night - and the suiting is absolutely amazing.
What pieces are your favourite from Cefinn’s current collection?
I love the Jason suit jogger trouser with matching Josephine blazer. The Jonah ribbed merino collard tops are so soft and SO useful. The Winona waistcoat, the Vanessa sleeveless dress, the Janie knitted vest…truly I love it all and can’t select! It would be like picking a favourite child! The Carly faux fur coat are also exquisite! I truly loved every single look and getting to dress up in so many pieces was the most fun and the biggest pleasure to be able to do so.