Cefinn Sirens Antonia Felix

Introducing our first Cefinn Siren of 2024 - Mum of 2 girls and Partner at law firm Mishcon De Reya, Antonia Felix.

We spent a lovely morning with Antonia talking about her career highlights, how she juggles being a busy mum and working full-time and curating a professional but stylish wardrobe, all while styling our Spring 24 collection, featuring some brilliant back to work pieces.

Tell us a bit about your job or what inspired you to become a divorce lawyer

It's all about relationships and people. I meet so many new people as part of my work – clients, intermediaries and colleagues. There is a psychological element to my job as relationship breakdown impacts everyone differently and this is reflected in their behaviour.

I got a training contract at my Firm, Mishcon de Reya, and they had so many leading family lawyers in their family team. I did my first six months in the family team and immediately knew it was for me! I loved the mix between going to Court but also getting to know our clients, drafting agreements, and hearing about their lives and their individual stories. It is also incredibly interesting learning about their businesses and work – and helping them reach a resolution where they are independent and secure.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

No one day is the same! You never know what to expect and I find that exciting. A general highlight for me is being able to work with such bright, inspiring people including the barristers we instruct, people at Mishcon and other professionals. I am constantly learning.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given professionally?

You can't always be prepared for half of what you have to get through, but you will always get it done in the end! Also, say no to stuff - you can't do everything!

What piece of advice would you give to women looking to get into law?

Stick to your guns and try not to worry about what others are doing. Importantly, be yourself and find other women who you can surround yourself with who support you and celebrate your wins! There is great power in women supporting women.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up anytime from 6.30am, get the girls up and ready for school, drop them at school and either race to get a train into the office or go to my study at home. I try to exercise either before 7am at home or if I am working at home, on the way back from school (but this doesn't happen as much as I would like!). I try to be home between 6-7pm to finish homework with the girls and then put them to bed and this is easier when I am working at home because I can also sometimes do school pick up etc. I often have to catch up on emails in the evening so we don't tend to go to bed before 11.30pm! Somewhere in all of that I also see friends in the evening, but usually later in the week.

What has been your proudest achievement?

On a professional level, qualifying as a lawyer! On a personal level, having my two daughters, Tilly and Hermione with my husband James!

How do you juggle being a lawyer and a mum while being so stylish?

I am not sure I do! I have to plan ahead, get up early or work late and share the load with my husband to survive (and my amazing nanny, Ana). The weeks are very busy and fly by but we have a good routine and I tend to stick to key wardrobe items so I don't have to spend ages every morning working out what to wear. I also love the occasional blow dry!

What do you look for when shopping for your professional wardrobe?

It has to be comfortable and easy to dress up with boots or heels but also flat shoes in the office. You also want to be different and not in the same style as everyone else! If you feel good in what you are wearing, it makes you feel much more confident. The Cefinn pieces fit so well and you aren't worrying about bad angles etc. Also, it has to feel smart but in my line of work you don't want to be too "corporate" looking as you want your clients and colleagues to be relaxed.

Do you think your work wardrobe has changed over the years?

Yes definitely! When I first started work lots of people wore pinstripe suits, tighter dresses and were always in heels. Over the years there is now a more casual look but far more chic and individual. You can wear trainers or flat shoes too!

What 3 words do you want to feel when dressing for work?

Confident, comfortable and smart.

How did you hear about Cefinn?

I first saw Cefinn on social media and then was introduced to it by my mother (who thought it would suit me!) and my great friend, Georgie Coleridge Cole.

What is it you love about Cefinn?

I love how elegant the pieces are and the fact they can take you from day to evening so easily. Most of them are also easily washable and the fabric is so amazing, it doesn't crease or lose its shape. I also love that the pieces are for all different types of women – with such flattering details. The colours are also gorgeous.

Favorite piece from the shoot?