Cefinn Siren - Jeany Cronk

Meet our fabulous July Siren, Jeany Cronk, Co-Founder of multi-award winning wine and gin brand, Maison Mirabeau, self-proclaimed professional rosé-drinker and dedicated long-time Cefinn supporter!


We spent an afternoon in beautiful Provence with Jeany, styling our latest Summer 23 arrivals and chatting all things Maison Mirabeau - including career highlights, the story behind the brand and exciting new product development. Providing the ultimate in summer holiday inspiration, Jeany proves the perfect partner to our summer collection is a cold glass of rosé!

Tell us all about Maison Mirabeau!

My husband and I founded the award-winning Provence rosé brand Maison Mirabeau, with a powder pink Gin and a sparkling wine recently added to our growing portfolio, just over thirteen years ago. We made the big leap to move from London to the South of France with our three kids and we’ve loved sharing our gorgeous rosé wines, as well as the French Riviera lifestyle, with everyone back in the UK.

Stephen and I really enjoy the creative side of our job and we’re using social media to give lots of tips around enjoying our wines and how you can pair them with food to bring the happy vibes of the South of France straight into your home. Maison Mirabeau is considered one of the leading French rosé brands in the UK and we have recently added some really exciting locations to our growing list of top bar and restaurants.

Why is it the perfect summer drink?

The Mirabeau rosés are fantastic summer drinks because we’re really good at the art of blending. Wine, like perfumery, requires lots of expertise in that field. We always ensure that our wines are finished to be beautifully light and fresh, yet with the right depth of aroma and complexity. We look for wines that are “mineral” and crisp, you’ll find then they are just perfect as an aperitif or with lighter foods on a warm day. And of course, our Mediterranean herbaceous and citrus led Gin also makes a super refreshing G&T, just great for a summery moment.

Which product is your favourite?

Oh no- this is like asking me to pick my favourite child! I also tend to change my mind over the course of the year or depending on the occasion. But if I really was given only one bottle to take away with me to a desert island, I’d take our rosé “Pure”.

Anything exciting to come we can keep our eyes peeled for?

Some more lifestyle items- we’ve collaborated with the Social Kitchen this year on a bespoke table scaping set and I am working on some limited edition ceramic pieces to go with our idea of a social and almost endless rosé lunch. Aside from that we are always working on making more great cocktails from our unique rosé Gin.

How did you end up moving to France?

Having spoken about it for years, we suddenly decided to do it when the moment kind of seemed right and Stephen realised it was now or never to start a new career again from scratch. The kids were still also about the right age to make such a big move. As they get older and more settled in school and their friend groups, it becomes increasingly harder.

What’s been a major career highlight for you?

I guess being selected to sit on supervisory board and being Director of the Communications Commission for the Wines of Provence was pretty awesome, especially as I was not only a foreigner, but also a sideways entrant to the closed world of French wine. Other than that, seeing our Mirabeau Beach Bar at summer events with people congregating around the space, having a glass and a great time, is what makes me happiest. It’s just brilliant being able to create these moments for other humans.

Has fashion always been important to you?

Yes, I even dreamt of being a designer when I was a girl and I love fabrics, but now work more often on the interiors side at our wine estate. I always look for looks that are a bit unique and bring different styles, texture, and patterns together.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

Often from Instagram these days, I love seeing all the brilliant content from my favourite brands and then I mix and match. And living in France I adore to see the chic girls in Aix-en-Provence and get a bit inspired, as well as looking back to the local icons like Brigitte Bardot.

What is your day-to-day ‘uniform’?

It’s a good pair of jeans and a nice silk or linen shirt, with a pair of flats or trainers. But I do love any chance to wear a day dress.

How did you hear about Cefinn, we know you are a long-time fan!

I remember reading about Samantha’s project when she first set it up and how she set out to revolutionise the wardrobe of us girls who need to do a hundred things at once but need to be chic and comfortable in their wardrobe pieces. I have followed the brand ever since and am really excited to have a much closer link to it from now onwards.

What is your favourite piece from Cefinn?

I am honestly struggling to choose, but the pink Rosie dress is one of my favourite items of the past years, as well as the super pretty off-white Pippy silk blouse that you can dress up or down.



What do you love about Cefinn?

All the pieces are beautifully tailored, comfortable, breathable, and made to last. I have always loathed fast fashion and invested in pieces that have been with me for years and years. Cefinn has always subscribed to this ethos and you can combine pieces effortlessly over collections.

Favourite piece from the Cefinn collection and why?

This summer ‘23 collection has been such a success and I have been so delighted to try them on for you in lots of different places on my wine farm and in my Provençal village. The blue patterned Gina maxi dress is my “Coup de Cœur” (the one that makes my heart sing) as it’s so light and summery, yet makes you look immediately chic and dressed.

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